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Whatcom Dream courses will help you examine your past, your dreams and goals, and how you can use money and financial systems to build the life you want. We offer classes in both Whatcom County and Skagit County.


We tailor classes to specific stages of life and situations:

Thanks to our generous donors, all courses are offered free of charge and come with helpful benefits for graduates through our “pay it forward” model.


In our effort to strengthen the entire Whatcom County community through compassionate understanding, we also offer Poverty IQ Workshops and Simulations. 


These workshops and simulations help employers, organizations, churches, and agencies learn more about the realities and experiences of those living in poverty, so they can learn how to better support them. 

If you think your organization can benefit from a workshop, sign up for a course today.

What Clients Are Saying:

“Putting financial energy into improving those core aspects of our lives helps with long term financial freedom. I didn’t realize how often I was settling for less than what I wanted on things based on not “having enough.”

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