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Poverty Simulation

The experiences and understanding of life in poverty is often drastically different than those living in the middle or wealthy class. In order to offer effective solutions and genuine compassion that support the wider community, we must understand the experiences of others.


The Poverty Simulation generates empathy for the difficult realities of trying to meet basic needs on a very low income.


The Poverty Simulation allows participants to walk directly into the "lives" of fictional low-income families. They face the challenge of meeting basic needs while encountering realistic challenges in the fictional town of Realville.​ In the simulation, every 15 minutes represents one week of life. For one "month," participants will experience poverty in a dramatically experiential perspective. 

The day-to-day realities of too few financial resources, exploring how to use their other resources, and the stress of the “tyranny of the moment” becomes personal and transformational.

If you are interested in hosting or sponsoring a Poverty Simulation for your school, organization, or business please contact us at (360) 306-8324 or send an email to:

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