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Financial Literacy
Champion Awards

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Whatcom Dream offers you the opportunity to get your business more exposure while making a big difference in the community!

As a Financial Literacy Champion, you will be invited to our Annual Awards Celebration Dinner in November. Other local business members in attendance will be made aware of your community contribution as we publicly recognize your efforts. You’ll gain positive exposure, enhance your image, and potentially attract new clients who appreciate your support of financial education. Supporting Whatcom Dream aligns with corporate social responsibility and fosters goodwill in the community.


  • $5,000 = Platinum Sponsor
    3 Financial Empowerment Classes 5 Tickets for Awards Dinner

  • $3,000 = Gold Sponsor
    2 Financial Empowerment Classes

  • $1,500 = Silver Sponsor
    1 Financial Empowerment Class


Each class helps 10-12 local individuals gain the knowledge necessary to take back control of their finances. You can choose the type of class you’d like to fund: Adult, Teen, or Senior. Students and your fellow community members will be made aware of your generosity via our social media pages, website, and monthly newsletter.

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