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Community Education

The Asset Based Community Development model adopted by Whatcom Dream is centered around the idea that a healthy and sustainable community requires collaboration from all community members for a community to thrive.

By understanding each other, we can communicate, operate, and help in ways that lift all individuals and the community as a whole. 

Financial Resources are only ONE type of resource needed for a successful community. In order to have a healthy, sustainable community, there must be a continual flow of resources to bridge the gap between economic classes.


Resources include: 


  • Emotional

  • Mental

  • Spiritual

  • Physical 

  • Support systems

  • Relationships and role models

  • Knowledge of hidden rules of economic class or group


The Poverty Simulation and Poverty IQ Workshop we offer provides the public with a better understanding of the experiences, values, resources, and vocabulary of those living in poverty. 


Contact us today to learn more.

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