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Financial empowerment begins with your first paycheck.

Our specialized teen course provides students with the information they need to make smart decisions about spending so they can begin building a solid financial foundation, and avoid potential pitfalls that could set back their financial goals for years or even decades. This course is free.

Topics include:

  • Earning Income: the importance of job skills and satisfaction.

  • Spending Income: how much money is needed to meet cost of living, budgeting, and understanding the bill cycle.

  • Managing Money: the basics of wise investing and borrowing.

  • Safeguarding Money: preparing for emergencies, the importance of insurance, understanding a credit score, and how to spot frauds/scams/predatory lending.

Contact us at 360-306-8324 or to find out when the next class begins and to take the first steps towards a stable financial future!

Teen Financial Empowerment


5 Weeks

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