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Restoring hope through financial empowerment​

Our courses help examine how you can use money and financial systems to build the life you want.

We are powered by amazing volunteers who facilitate our programs and provide one-on-one financial coaching.

Helpful links and financial

literacy information to become financially empowered!

Through financial education, Whatcom Dream empowers individuals to achieve a higher quality of life.

Financial Empowerment is so much more than learning about money.

To be sure, budgeting, debt management and maintaining a good credit rating are skills necessary for navigating today's world. But, Financial Empowerment is about YOU. Your dreams and goals. You do have the power to affect your future.


Our classes can show you how  to maintain fiscal stability and avoid pitfalls, while taking into consideration your particular dreams and aspirations for a better quality of life for you and your loved ones. Take this opportunity to allow yourself to become equipped and empowered to deal with your finances in a whole new way. 

People taking a financial empowerment course with Whatcom Dream.
Restoring hope through financial empowerment

Our classes, programs, and philosophies apply to both Situational Poverty (poverty caused by one or more sudden changes in circumstances like job loss or divorce) and Generational Poverty (hardships that play parts in the cycle of poverty passed through generations). 

If you’re ready to take the first step towards achieving your dreams, sign up for a course today.