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Financial Literacy is one of the most important life skills one can attain. We not only help people learn these skills, we have programs that give them a "hand up" along the way. Another part of our work is to educate the community at large about poverty related issues and help them understand strategies that will truly help someone struggling in poverty. 

Financial Literacy Classes
Call 360-319-3759 to register for our next Zoom class and receive a Zoom link!


Our classes cover the following topics: 

  • Family of origin money beliefs and ideas

  • Budgeting 

  • Goals 

  • Values

  • Debt

  • Credit

  • Insurance

  • ID Theft

  • Consumerism

  • Home Ownership

  • Transportation

  • Investing 101


We have group, online, specialized (for seniors & teens), Spanish speaking and private classes.


Classes are free.

Private Financial Coaching


Sometimes people prefer to meet privately with us, rather than take a class. Or they have a particular issue they'd like to discuss, but are already financially literate. We can arrange to meet you online (Zoom), in person or by phone.

Private financial coaching fees are $25.00 per hour. 

Please call us at 360-306-8324 if you are interested in meeting one on one with one of our financial coaches.

Poverty IQ Workshops


Do you ever wonder why poverty persists? There are many ideas about the subject- as well as opinions. Our Poverty IQ Workshop is based on Dr. Ruby Payne's "Framework for Understanding Poverty research. We are certified presenters of her program that can bring answers to some of the questions that people in agencies, schools, businesses and churches may have about those they work with. 

To truly help someone, we must understand the context and culture in which they live. This workshop used quantitative and qualitative research, real life examples and even a sprinkle of humor and aids in a new perspective on poverty and those who are in it.


If you are interested in learning more about poverty, please give us a call to discuss scheduling a workshop for a group.


Poverty Simulation Events


The goal of the Poverty Simulation Event is to raise  community awareness about the realities of living on a very low-income while still trying to meet basic needs for your family.

Participants walk directly into the "lives" of fictional low-income families (kids, single parents, grandparents raising grand-kids, senior citizens). Each family is challenged to meet their basic needs while living in our fictional town of "Realville". Every 15 minutes resembles one week in the simulation. For  one "month" participants get to see poverty from a dramatically different experiential perspective. The day-to-day realities of too little money and too much stress become personal -

and transformational.


If you are interested in hosting a Poverty Simulation Event at your school, church, agency or business please give us a call and we can fill you in on the details! 360-306-8326 

Gotcha Covered Clothing Store & The Christmas Shoppe


Gotcha Covered is a back to school clothing and supply program designed to help low-income families ready their kids for the school year. Qualified children receive a backpack stuffed with school supplies and a fifty dollar Fred Meyer gift card to help clothe their growing youngster. We also include a care package to encourage and support the parent/caregiver. The cost to the parent/caregiver is $20.00. The money collected from the program then goes into a financial literacy scholarship fund, to help them, or other low-income people access our financial literacy classes. If you'd like to donate to this wonderful program, please go to the yellow DONATE button on our homepage. If you'd like to participate in Gotcha Covered, please call Trudy at # 360-319-3759 to sign up. We will be taking appointments during the month of September. Space is limited.


The Christmas Shoppe program works similarly. Each year we allow low-income families to come shop for quality, new toys for their children at prices they can afford (75% off retail). Proceeds from The Christmas Shoppe funnel into our financial literacy scholarship fund as well.


These two programs are examples of our "hand up" helping philosophy. Our goal is to come along side of families as they gain skills to make a better future for themselves.


Community Resource Referral


Living on a tight budget often requires individuals and families to reach out to community agencies, non-profits and churches to get basic necessities met.


The Whatcom Dream is well networked with other helpers in the community and can help guide you to the right help at the right time for your particular situation.

Give us a call at 360-306-8324.



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